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Mary Jane Soule

Memorata is a small company delivering totally personalized service to each and every client. Memorata was founded to meet the ever-growing demand for assistance in composing personal narratives — be they memoirs, autobiographies, family histories, or story collections. What Memorata provides is organization and momentum: We give you the energy and structure to begin and complete your memoir project in a reasonable amount of time.

We are not ghost-writers; we don’t actually write your story for you. We simply coach you along and then polish your words so that they sound like you want them to — articulate, grammatically correct, and entertaining to your audience.

Memorata has roots in a course created and taught by Mary Jane Soule at Adult Education Center. The course imparted the techniques Mary Jane had developed in creating a book about her own family’s lore and remembrances.

Prior to working on her family book, Mary Jane had already conducted hundreds of interviews that comprised the key narrative in multimedia presentations for many distinguished organizations including the Smithsonian Institution, Boston’s Museum of Science, the National Audubon Society, and the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Mary Jane Soule, three years old and in saddle shoes

In addition, Mary Jane conceived and conducted media projects that earned funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and National Public Radio. Her favorite publicly funded endeavor was the creation of a major oral history and folklore archive focused on the United States Virgin Islands. On the other hand, Mary Jane has created soundtracks and print materials for major corporations, including retailers, stock brokerages, and manufacturers.

Interlaced with her media work, Mary Jane can also lay claim to a substantial career in high technology as a programmer and technical writer for software companies such as Lotus Development and IBM. Her affinity for computers has dovetailed nicely with recent digital advances in photography, sound recording, transcription, and video editing. Thus she has been able to combine her computer skills with her flair for eliciting evocative narrative. And that’s what Memorata is all about: Applying technology to the age-old tradition of storytelling.

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